About Products

  • Capacity of production licenses
  1. Series of industrial paints : 4000 tons/year
  2. Series of Thinners: 7400 tons/year
  3. Plastisol paste (under-body coating and sealers): 8000 tons/year
  • Certificates
  1. ISO/TS16949:2009 Certificate
  2. ISO certificates: ISO 9001:2008
  3. Certification of Renault Pars France
  4. National standard certification of automotive and industrial paints
  5. Certification of Accredited Lab from the Standards Institute of Iran (in process to be renewed)
  • List of products:
  1. Various types and shades of one and two-coated solid, metallic, pearlescent OEM paints based on polyester, acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy resins, etc.
  2. Clear coat: For using on two-coated paints
  3. Air-dry and force-dry clear based on polyurethane
  4. Air-dry and repairing automotive paints with high physical and chemical resistance
  5. Various types of primers, such as  Wet-On-Wet , Anti-corrosion(epoxy, wash primer, zinc-rich, etc.)
  6. Three-coated pearlescent paints
  7. Series of Thinners
  8. Plastisol paste: under-body coating and sealers
  • Factory plant:

13000 m2, including:

  1. Industrial area over 4000 m2
  2. Administrative buildings over 1500 m2
  3. Raw material stores over 1000 m2
  • Raw material store

Separate store in 600m distance from the factory: 7000 m2, including    800 m2 industrial shed)