Welcome to PUYARANG. The first manufacturer of OEM paints in IRAN. به پویارنگ خوش آمدید

About PuyaRang

PuyaRang Company was founded in 1978 by management of Mrs. Eng. Motamed (Ex-Managing Direct of PolyRang Co. /Rang Afarin Company from 1973 to 1978) And from that date until earlier 2013, was exclusively engaged in productions of OEM industrial paints.

From 2013 till now, PuyaRang Produces specifically OEM paints for home appliances and various paints such as metal (can coating), wooden and MDF surfaces and etc.

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No. 5 Golafshan St., Nelson Mandela Ave., Tehran – IRAN
Tel: +98 21 26216645
Fax: +98 21 26216826
ZIPCODE: 1915717513